Brianna’s Mexican Traditional Charro Quinceanera | Holiday Inn, Gurnee IL | 7.20.19

The morning started off right. I got to Brianna’s house 45 minutes early. I had my hunny bunny by my side, I was excited and ready to tackle the day.

It wasn’t until we stepped outside to go to our next location when I started to freak-out. Storm clouds were rolling in, it started to pour and now the drive felt so far! What the heck, I wasn’t expecting it to rain! Where do I take pictures in the middle of a crazy storm!? On top of that I had a limo full of teens and another car behind it (her parents) following and counting on me.

I said a little prayer and hoped for the best.

The spot I found, by the grace of God, turned out perfect!

It doesn’t look like it but it was really pouring during all the formal portraits.  I think I did a pretty amazing job with the help of Mr. Garcia who was kindly holding the umbrella over me.  Thank you!

What made my life easier was seeing how calm & happy everyone was despite the situation. All the positive energy resonated and made me feel so much better.

What can I say, I truly fell in love with the Garcia family. Their story touched my heart. They showed me the meaning of family: resilience, compassion and unconditional love towards everyone.

Brianna, your Quince was absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing your special day with me. I hope you like your pictures & your highlight video (by Gabe Ochoa).

THANK YOU Sonia for referring your beautiful sister!