Albums & Photo Book Examples


Hi guys,


I wanted to make this video so that you can see the albums I’m currently selling and include in my new 2020 packages.

Albums are timeless keepsakes and a great way to share your photos with love ones.  The albums I deliver are absolutely beautiful.  They are customized and personalized. You can choose from several designs and fabrics.

With your help and input we can create fabulous albums together.

I actually enjoy making and designing albums for my clients. It’s refreshing and rewarding. It’s pretty cool to seeing the final results.

As I’m taking photos, I’m thinking about the layout and how I’m going to retell your story.

I want more than anything for my clients to invest in products, rather than just plain old digitals.

My mission is to change your view about digitals and instead deliver exceptional customer service and great quality.

Let’s create something special together and change the way we see photography.