Marlowe’s GLAMOROUS First Birthday!

The Boyer family did it again! Marlowe’s first birthday was effortlessly chic, elegant, GORGEOUS, memorable and full of JOY!  I’ve had the pleasure of being at her big brothers spectacular first birthday a couple of years back. I always look forward to all of Tammy’s parties and seeing the family grow. I feel like I’m part of the family!  Beautiful fresh flowers, a cartoon artist, face painting, balloon makers, striking outfits, dazzling backdrops, an array of desserts were just the icing on the cake.  My favorite part is the “Doljabi”, a Korean cultural tradition.  This is pretty much the highlight of the party as its intent is to determine Marlowes bright and prosperous destiny.  I LOVE what it symbolizes.  Can you guess what Marlowe went straight for? The microphone!  Will she be the next American idol?


Enjoy this sweet blog!


Event planner Sweetjory

First dress from Etsy

Smash Cake outfit from Etsy

Korean dress from Korea

Marlowe’s shoes NM Boutique

Tammy’s dress from Zimmermann

Cake by Art by Kristen 80 million rice cakes

Caricature artist Cara Dunning

Face kids painting Dazzle Artists