Small Intimate Events are better

Happy New Year! It’s 2021 & Smaller Events Are Cooler! | 2.18.21

Small Intimate Events are better

Besides the obvious reasons, I want to obey the guidelines and keep everyone safe. Here in Illinois, we are in phase 4. What does that mean for the entertainment industry? Vendors like myself have no choice but to adjust to the COVID requirements. It means venues can host or operate at the lesser of 50% of venue capacity OR 50 personas total per event.

There are still safety restrictions. Everyone must wear their facemasks at all times and wanna know what the really sucky part is!

Dance floors should remain closed. What’s a wedding or an event without some kind of WILD dancing?  That’s just absurd, but then again, we are in the middle of a pandemic. There’s nothing wrong with having a smaller celebration.

Here are my top 10 reasons why I absolutely adore smaller celebrations and why you should consider having a smaller celebration.

  1. Fewer checklists! Dude, who doesn’t want a shorter “To do list”? Planning a huge event isn’t easy. It’s supposed to be fun, but In reality, it’s *%$# stressful.
  2. More money in your pocket! Imagine what you can do with a little extra cash.  You could spend that extra money on an event planner, decor, flowers, special details, or how about investing in a home. 🙂
  3. Private events are more intimate.
  4. It’s super unique!
  5. It’s more meaningful.
  6. It’s very special because you are celebrating with some of your closest loved ones. Just because you don’t have a traditional celebration, it doesn’t mean it’s less important or that you love someone more than the other.
  7. You will have the chance to interact with each of your guests. You actually get to spend quality time with your guests.
  8. The experience is special.
  9. Other than entertainment, this could be a great opportunity to give your guests an awesome experience.
  10. Last but not least, you can actually have FUN yourself.


Look at just how beautiful a small event can turn out.

Girls Sweet 1st Birthday at Elements Preserved in Elgin, IL


Sweet Engagement/Bridal Shower at Blue Sky Cafe in Chicago, IL

Maira-Ochoa-Photography-Beautiful-engaged-couple-Bridal-Shower-Celebaration-at-Blue-Sky-Bakery-in-Chicago-IL-Story-telling-Candid-Journalistic-photoengagement party, Bridal shower

Beautiful  Micro Wedding at D’Andrea Banquets in Crystal Lake, IL

D'Andrea Banquet Hall Crystal Lake, IL, Father and Groom, Mother and Groom, Formal Wedding PortraitsD'Andrea Banquet Hall Crystal Lake, IL, Father and Groom, Mother and Groom, Formal Wedding Portraits

Fun Courthouse Wedding in Dupage, IL

Dupage Courthouse Wedding, Dupage weddingDupage Courthouse Wedding, Dupage wedding

Boys Fun Hip Hop 2nd Birthday at Skokie’s Park District, IL

Skokie Park District, ExploratoriumSkokie Park District, Exploratorium, Boys hip hop birthday party

Sweet Girls 1st Birthday in Round Lake Community Center, IL

Round Lake Park District, IL Round Lake Park District, IL

Thank you so much for spending some time with me today.

I hope this blog inspired you to think out of the box and dream big.

I love the saying “Less is More”.

Contact me for your upcoming event. I would love to hear from you!

Stay well and be safe!